In the past, if you wanted an aerial photograph – you had to hire an aircraft at an incredible cost which more often than not made your project unviable.  Drone’s have changed all that and Professional Aerial Photography is now the preserve of the many, not the few.

Estate Agents can now showcase their new listings with a whole new aerial perspective.  Property Developers can show you the view from your new apartment off-plan, prior to construction.

Sporting Events, Training Exercises and Weddings can all be recorded for posterity from above.  Imagery for websites, corporate reports or marketing flyers can all suddenly be transformed – the skyline really is the limit. 

Using the latest drone and editing software you can create panoramic views and every image captured by Catherine Fallon Operations aerial photography will be of very high quality in beautiful colour.

Aerial Photography services are currently available in Wiltshire & Swindon, Bath & Somerset, Bristol & South Gloucestershire.




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