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Our drone fleet covers all commercial applications from high quality photography and 4K video through to more industrial applications such as surveying and inspection.

Mavic 2 Pro  - Amy Johnson

Used by numerous award-winning international photographers the M2P as it’s known has established itself as the go-to compact drone for professional photographers around the world.  Capable of shooting very high-quality images in RAW and HDR due to it’s Hasselblad camera due to the presence of a 1” sensor. 


If it’s video footage you require then this drone can film in 4K and D-Log.  At all times a high dynamic range is captured giving maximum flexibility during post-processing and colour grading.

Amy Johnson is named after the pioneering Yorkshire pilot who was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia.


Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual – J.B Priestley

J.B Priestley is our latest fleet addition and again named after another famous person from Yorkshire and is a FLIR-MX capable drone.  Again this is a compact drone and is used where the job requires a thermal image be produced.


Featuring an isometric FLIR® Thermal Sensor camera, the drone is perfect for smaller-scale inspections and surveys.  Typical examples would be surveying residential roof solar panels or flat roof inspections on a commercial building.



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