Whether your project is Aerial Photography, Survey or Inspection, when working with Drones (UAV's) safety is our main consideration.  Approved by the CAA we will only ever operate within their exacting guidelines to ensure a safe working environment at all times. We have put together a list of answers to the most popular questions that our clients ask. Of course, you may still have one that is completely unique to you and your project requirements, So please do feel free to contact us on

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What height can you fly to?

We are legally required to fly below 120m/400ft, special permission can be obtained if required from the CAA to increase this height.


How long can you fly for?

Most single flights are around 25 minutes in duration and is dependent upon height and wind conditions. If extended flight times are required we land and replenish the aircraft with fresh batteries.


Does the weather affect flying?

Yes this is the one aspect we are unable to control.  We must fly within the limits of the aircraft at all times.  Our present fleet can operate between -10 and 40 degrees, in wind speeds of up to 23mph, but we are unfortunately unable to fly when it's raining.


What camera's do you use?

Our current fleet uses a Hassleblad L1D-20c  camera mounted on a 3 axis gimbal for high quality 20 megapixel aerial images in stunning colour detail.  If your preference is for thermography then we can supply an aircraft complete with a dual Visable and FLIR radiometric camera system.


How much does a project cost?

There is no one set price as each project is individual.  Some projects might require significant planning and special flight permissions.  Others could be very simple and be completed at very short notice, subject to weather conditions.






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