Survey’s and Inspections are a critical part of of building and infrastructure upkeep.  Our drone fleet allows you to undertake inspection tasks, safely and in a cost effective manner.

In the past inspection work has required building owners and managers to erect scaffolding, ladders or even hiring a cherry pickers.  All of these involve a degree of risk in their use along with time and cost implications.


Drone technology has changed all of this, solar panel surveys, roof inspections, infrastructure assessment can be completed in less than an hour, all whilst day to day operations continue unabated.

Our current drone fleet is ideally suited to small to medium sized projects, delivering you with survey/inspection RGB or Thermal Images as well as 4K video.

Whatever the brief our drone survey and inspection services will deliver the required results, on time, to budget, every time.

Aerial Survey and Inspection services, including Thermal Imaging (Thermography) are currently available in Wiltshire and Swindon, Bath and Somerset, South Gloucestershire.



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